Facial Symmetry Activity


Children are often surprised to discover that our faces are not symmetrical. This is a fascinating activity that shows them what they might look like if they were! You will need to take a good photo of your child / children looking straight at the camera, and access to a computer with photo editing software.

Sam's original photo and flipped copy
Sam's original photo and flipped copy

You will need:

  • Photo of your face looking straight at the camera
  • Backing card
  • Photo editing software


Using photo editting software, flip your photo horizontally so you have a mirror image. Print one copy of the original photo and one of the mirror image.

Draw a line down each photo, making sure to go through the middle of the nose. Cut along the lines.

Match the left side of the original photo to the right side of the mirror image to complete the face. Glue to the backing card. Repeat with the other two pieces.

Have a good laugh at how different you look!

Sam's manipulated photo, showing two completely different boys!
Sam's manipulated photo, showing two entirely different boys!

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