New Winter Jigsaws - Adapt for All Ages

We design our jigsaws to be adaptable - and these lovely new winter jigsaws are no exception! First, you can choose between a ready-to-go or a colouring version. Then, choose between a spelling jigsaw or a counting jigsaw.

If you have older children, don't despair! Simply cut off the yellow band at the bottom of the jigsaw and now you have a much more tricky "strip" jigsaw for the kids to put back together. And if that's not hard enough, cut those strips randomly horizontally too - perhaps into 2 or 3 pieces. Now you have a very challenging jigsaw!

Of course this means that you can start with a simple jigsaw for younger children and then bring it out again and again, making it harder every time!

Find our new Winter Jigsaws here.

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New Winter Jigsaws - Adapt for All Ages
Wednesday, 29th November 2017

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