Cotton Wool Giggles


Here is an unusual party game which will get the children giggling! You would not believe how hard it is to play this until you try it yourself!

Cotton Wool Giggles

Age: 6+

You will need:

Cotton wool balls
A large spoon or ladle
Two large mixing bowls, preferably plastic, or buckets
A stopwatch
Two chairs

How to play:

Each child plays separately.

Set up the game by placing the two chairs about five or six feet apart facing each other. On one chair place an empty bucket or bowl. On the other chair place a bucket or bowl filled with cotton wool balls.

Blindfold the first child, spin them round a couple of times, then put the spoon in their hand and guide them to the chair with the cotton wool balls. Help them to put the spoon on the edge of the bucket or bowl –just to give them a chance!

On the signal to start, they must try to move the cotton wool balls with the spoon from one bucket to the other. Make sure they only use one hand! Keep score until everybody has had a go.


To make the game even more fun - if you think you can get away with it - try tipping all the cotton wool balls out of the bucket once a particular player is blindfolded (perhaps the birthday child, or a parent). They will wonder why everyone is laughing so hard but will still make a valiant effort to move those cotton wool balls!


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