St Lucia

Find out about the beautiful volcanic Caribbean island of St Lucia, and enjoy our St Lucia flag printables.

Volcanic mountain - Piton - by the sea in St Lucia
Volcanic mountain - Piton - by the sea in St Lucia

Learn About St Lucia

  • The tropical island nation of St Lucia is in the Lesser Antilles, between the Atlantic and Caribbean seas.
  • Two volcanic mountains named the Pitons dominate the island. St Lucia has the only drive-in volcano in the world at Sulphur Springs, where tourists can have mud baths.
  • A French pirate named Francois le Clerc, nickednamed Wooden Leg, once attacked Spanish ships from his base here.
  • The first successful European settlers were French, who vied with the British to control the sugar cane plantations for 150 years.
  • The green and blue St Lucian Amazon parrot, called the Jacquot, became endangered due to deforestation and hurricanes. It is now  protected and is the national bird of St Lucia.
  • Tropical fruits such as green figs, bananas and mangos abound in the fertile soil. In the capital Castries there is an old market where spices, fish and fruit are sold. St Lucia is famous for exporting bananas.
  • Two famous St Lucians, the poet Derek Walcott and the economist Sir Arthur Lewis, have both been awarded Nobel prizes, which is impressive for small country of 175,000 people.
  • St Lucia has been Independent since 1979.
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