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Bottom Bay, Barbados
Bottom Bay, Barbados

A Little Geography...

  • Barbados is a small island nation, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most easterly island in the Caribbean and  a very popular tourist destination. Barbados is visited by over a million tourists annually, half of whom arrive in cruise ships. They are attracted by white beaches, a sunny climate, gentle cooling breezes and welcoming hospitality!
  • A third of the 285,000 population live in Bridgetown, the capital.
  • People from Barbados are called Bajan.

A Little History...

  • Amerindians lived on the island as early as 1625 BCE. Portuguese explorer Pedro a Campos named the island Los Barbados (the bearded ones) after spotting native figs trees which looked like beards!
  • In 1625, English settlers claimed the island for King James I.
  • Slaves from Africa were made to work on sugar cane plantations across the island until slavery was abolished in 1834.
  • Barbados gained independence in 1966.

Some Interesting Facts...

  • Bridgetown is the birthplace of famous cricketer, Sir Garfield Sobers, who is known as one of the ten Barbadian National Heroes.
  • George Washington, the future First President of the United States, was an early tourist. He visited Barbados for his health in 1751, the only time he ventured outside America. His house can be visited today.
  • Rihanna, the international singer, is from Barbados (although her mother is Guyanese).

A green monkey, Barbados
A green monkey, Barbados

  • Green monkeys can be found on the island. Endangered sea turtles are protected by the Univeristy of West Indies project.
  • Did you know that the grapefruit was invented on the island, by combining a pomelo and sweet orange tree?

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