Bunny Mask


This Bunny Mask is reminiscent of Bugs Bunny - but also makes a perfect craft and mask for Easter.

Bunny mask

You will need a large piece of pink card. Using the photo as a guide, draw an outline on the card, treating the two ears as joined. Mark ovals for the eyes, which you will cut out of white card or paper and stick on. Now cut a smaller oval out of the eyes for eye holes. Cut out the inner section of the ears carefully.

Bunny mask detail 1
Draw a shape as shown on the ears and colour in with a darker pink. You can glue and sprinkle glitter on if you like. Use a black pen to outline the "edge" of the top ear and give the impression that it is lying in front of the other. Tie some ribbons on the ears if you like.

Add a round nose. The one in the photo is from the junk cupboard, but you could use grey card or felt if you preferred, or perhaps a bottle cap.

Add a U shape of red card for the mouth, and add detail with white card and pink card if you like (although this is not strictly necessary). Now stretch out some cotton wool and stick on with white glue.


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