Chalk Rangoli


Even the youngest children will enjoy creating their own chalk rangoli designs. First, use a white chalk to outline your patterns, or to draw dots to form a grid. Then use coloured chalks or poster paint to fill in the design.

Chalk rangoli

You will need:

Black paper (or sandpaper - see below)

Use your ruler to draw out a grid of dots. These can be as close together (to make the design intricate) or as far apart (for more simple designs) as you like. We used a grid 15cm by 15cm with 3 cm intervals.

Chalk rangoli - photo 1

Now draw on your design with the chalk (you could try sketching out your design first on our grid paper). Look at our examples for inspiration. Younger children may need a design drawn for them to colour.

Chalk rangoli - photo 2

Use coloured chalks to colour in the design.

Chalk rangoli pictures like these have the added advantage that you can display and save your child's creation longer than the first rain!

You can also use sandpaper instead of black paper. The picture is less liable to smudge and should last longer, and it feels more like colouring onto the pavement outside.


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