Chinese Character Cards

Use these pages of Chinese Character Cards in lots of different ways for Chinese New Year or when you are learning about China:

  • Print onto white or coloured paper or card to make decorative posters for the classroom walls.
  • Print out two copies and use to play "Memory" or "Snap."
  • Cut the cards out and use to decorate the home. Perhaps you could attach to paper cups and napkin rings for a Chinese New Year meal? Or string the cards along a ribbon and use as a banner of table decoration?
  • Cut out and use individual cards to decorate Chinese New Year greetings cards or lucky money envelopes.
  • Use to decorate our Chinese lanterns, or in other craft projects.
  • Make a treasure hunt. Print out onto different colours of paper (one for each team in the treasure hunt). Write clues on the back, or just hide the cards around the house. The first team to find all their cards wins.
Chinese character cards