Chinese Zodiac Game Cards


These Chinese Zodiac printables can be used in many different ways.

  • Play a Memory Game
  • Play Snap
  • Play Find Your Partner: Pin one of each pair to each child's back and send them off to find their partner - but they must first work out who they are, by asking questions which can be answered only by Yes or No.
  • Have a Treasure Hunt: A simple way to play is to see who can find the most cards. To make the game harder, print out both sets of cards: give one colour to the child and tell them to hunt for the matching card in the other colour. Or you could practice reading by giving each child a card with the name of an animal for them to hunt for (younger children could read Rat, Ox or Dog; older children could be given the more difficult words).
  • Make a Board Game: Use the cards to make the spaces on your own game board, perhaps using a file folder or a large piece of card. You could cut out extra cards and use them as game cards, writing questions on the back which the children must answer correctly before moving.
  • Make a Mobile: Cut out each pair of cards then stick them back to back while trapping a short thread between the cards with which to hang them.
  • Make a Banner: Punch holes in each side of the card and then string them together with bright-coloured ribbon or wool (yarn) to hang about the classroom or home. A quicker banner can be assembled using one long ribbon and a stapler!
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Chinese zodiac game cards


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