Christmas Tree Shapes Cards


These homemade Christmas cards are quick and simple to make but very pretty, need little in the way of supplies, and can be adapted or all age groups. The basic card is simply a small triangle and a small rectangle of card, dressed up in a variety of ways.

You will need:

Card blanks
Scraps of card or thick paper (we used recycled gift tags from last year)
Glue stick and PVA (white) glue
Dot stickers, buttons, etc for embellishments


Card 1: Green card with button

Simply cut out a triangle and rectangle of green card and use the glue stick to attach to your card blank. Top with a button or other embellishment, using PVA glue to fix in place.

Card 2: Gold card with "gem"

For this card we used one of last year's gold Christmas gift tags and a small self-adhesive gem from the craft shop. We wrote our Christmas greeting with gold marker pen.

Card 3: Gingham card with stickers

This card is fun for the younger children to make. We cut a rectangle of one of our gingham scrapbook papers to use as a mount for our Christmas tree, then decorated it with small dot stickers (available inexpensively from most stationery shops).


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