Coloured Sugar


Kids will enjoy making this colourful sugar which can be given as a "foodie" gift in a jar, used to decorate cookies and doughnuts (see our Olympic doughnuts) or just displayed.

Colored sugar

You will need:

Ziploc (or ordinary sandwich) bags
Granulated sugar
Food colouring
Paper plates


Put some sugar into a bag and add a drop of food colouring. Close the bag and, with your hand on the outside of the bag, mix the colour in. You may need to add slightly more food colouring or sugar until you get the right colour and texture (you don’t want the sugar to be at all damp).

Tip the sugar on to a paper plate to dry.

To use the sugar, tip it back into a clean bag, seal and break up any lumps which have formed.

Jar of Coloured Sugar

This makes a fun gift for a ‘foodie’. The jar can be kept as an ornament or the sugar can be used.

You will need:

A clean dry jar
coloured sugar (in more than one colour)


Spoon your sugar into the jar so it forms layers and patterns. You can make patterns by poking the ends of spoons down the side of the jar.

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