Doilly Rose


This pretty rosebud or rose craft is a lovely idea for summer, or perhaps for Mother's Day. It might take a little while to get the hang of the twisting and gluing required, but the finished result is worth it.

Doilly Rose

You will need:

White doillies
Green pipe cleaner


Cut a line from the edge of a doilly to the middle and then cut out the middle section. Make sure you leave some of the paper section inside the lace.

Doilly rose step 1

Begin rolling up the doilly, holding the paper end. Add dots of glue along the way to hold in place.

You can stop after one doilly to make a rosebud.

Doilly rosebud
Using just one doilly makes this lovely rosebud!

To make a rose, prepare additional doillies the same way, glue on the end and keep rolling until you have a larger rose. Our rose is made from three doillies.

To finish, wrap a pipe cleaner around the bottom of the rose leaving the end loose to form the stem.


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