Dolls House Printables

Whether your children have an old-fashioned dolls-house that you like to keep updated, you are spending an afternoon crafting a room for a fashion doll from a cardboard box, or you enjoy making dioramas or miniatures for play and display, we hope you will find something useful here.

Dolls house printables

Dolls House Accessories
NEW! It's the little things that make a dolls house a home - from the stack of books on the...
Dolls House Flooring Printables
NEW! Whether you want to cover the floor of your shoe-box dolls house with fun patterned paper or a...
Dolls House Paper
Lots NEW! We've got tiled paper and brick paper, old-fashioned and traditional and 1970s and...
Dolls House Wall Printables
NEW! Cover the walls of your dolls house with brick, tiles, 1970s flowery wallpaper, or any of...

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Paper Dolls

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