Dress up Mr Wolf Collage


This fun "cut and stick" activity allows children to dress Mr Wolf up with Grandma's cap and tuck him into Grandma's bed, ready to try to trick Little Red Riding Hood. You could cut out all the shapes ready for younger children to glue together.

Dress up Mr Wolf Collage

You will need:

Backing paper
Patterned paper (you could use one of our scrapbook paper pages)
Our Mr Wolf cut out (below)
Glue stick


  • Cut a pillow from patterned paper and glue to the backing paper.
  • Cut out Mr Wolf and glue him to the paper with his head on the pillow.
  • Cut out a cap for Mr Wolf from the patterned paper and glue it on.
  • Finish with a paper rectangle for "Grandma's" blanket.
Dress up Mr Wolf printable


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