Easter Marzipan Animals


Marzipan is a lovely modelling material for kids and these cute little animals will look lovely on the top of cupcakes.

Easter Marzipan Animals

You will need:

White marzipan
Food colouring


Break your block of marzipan into 6. colour one block yellow, one orange, one pink, one black, and one green. Leave one white.

To make the chick:
Roll a small egg shape from yellow. Make two small teardrop shapes from yellow and stick these to the sides for wings. Use orange to add feet and a beak, and black to add two eyes.

To make the bunny:
Roll a small egg shape from pink. Make a small ball for the head and stick it to one end. Add a tiny ball as a tail and two ears from pink dough. Use the black to add two eyes.

To make the lamb:
Make a lumpy body from white dough, add two very small black legs and a black head.

To make the Easter egg:
Make an egg shape from green dough. Use the other colours to add dots.


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