Felt Christmas Tree Softie


This felt Christmas tree softie craft for kids is simple enough for even beginner sewers to create a really nice Christmas decoration - and the possibilities for decoration are endless!

Felt Christmas Tree softie

Our felt Christmas tree softie, decorated with small gold star 3d stickers.

You will need:

Green felt (we used sparkle felt)
Needle and thread
Ribbon (optional)
Fabric glue
Decorations (buttons, sequins, ribbons etc)
Toy stuffing


Cut 2 tree shapes from green felt. We've got various Christmas tree shapes on our Christmas templates page is you would like inspiration.

If you plan on hanging the tree, cut a length of ribbon and slip the ends between the two felt trees so the ribbon hangs from the top of the tree.

With a small running stitch, sew the trees together. Leave a gap with which to stuff the tree.

Fill the tree with toy stuffing. Be careful not to overfill, as the tree should sit fairly flattish.

Sew the gap closed and glue on the decorations!


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