Find Your Partner


Great for pairing up children at the beginning of a party, and for breaking the ice when kids don't know each other well as everyone has an excuse to approach other people and start talking.

Find Your Partner

Age: 7 and up

You will need:

  • Pieces of paper onto which you have written well-known partners
  • Safety pins

Write up your pieces of paper well in advance, choosing well known partners that will be recognised by the children. For example:

  • Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse
  • Batman and Robin
  • Anthony and Cleopatra
  • Torville and Dean
  • Mary Kate and Ashleigh
  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana
  • Charlie Brown and Snoopy

When the kids have arrived, pin a name to their backs. At your signal, the children mingle with the other guests, asking questions about themselves which can only be answered by a "yes" or a "no".

  • "Am I alive?"
  • "Am I a film star?"
  • "Am I male?"

While trying to guess who they are, they should also be looking out for their possible partner.

Younger kids may need an adult to give the odd clue or two along the way!

For Valentine's Day:

Write the names on pink hearts and make sure that the partners you choose are famous "lovers".


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