Henry VII

Henry VIIHenry VII (1485-1509) had a slim claim to the throne of England. His Grandfather, Owen Tudor, was a page of Henry V and is believed to have secretly married the king's widow, Catherine de Valois. One of their children was Edmund, and Henry was Edmund's son. Edmund's wife and Henry's mother was Margaret Beaufort, the great-grandaughter of the Duke of Lancaster, John of Gaunt, and he was the fourth son of Edward III.

When Henry VI, Edward Prince of Wales and other members of the family were killed during the Wars of the Roses, Henry VII rose to become the senior male member of the House of Lancaster.

Having spent much of his early life in exile in Brittany, Henry returned to England in 1485 and led his army to victory at Bosworth Field, where Richard III was killed. This makes Henry VII the last English monarch to win the crown in battle.

Henry VII married Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV. By doing so he united the Houses of York and Lancaster and brought an end to the Wars of the Roses. He is thought to have achieved much during his reign, making alliances in Europe through family marriages, establishing control over the unruly barons, and building back the wealth of the country.

Henry VII  Colouring Page

Henry VII Colouring Page

Here's an outline colouring page taken from a well-known portrait of Henry VII for the kids to colour in.

Henry VII Coins Colouring Page

Henry VII Coins Colouring Page

Here is the front and back of a typical coin from Henry VII's reign, showing his profile. Colour in, cut out and fold in half - or use it as the cover for a little booklet on Henry VII, perhaps.

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Henry VIII
Henry VIII

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