British Kings and Queens

The history of Britain is tied up with its monarchy. Here at Activity Village we have a range of colouring pages, worksheets and printables to help you learn more about the Kings and Queen who have ruled Britain.

We've organised them by "house" because that's often the way we learn them. To search for a King or Queen alphabetically see our Famous People A-Z

In addition to what you can find here, we have a fabulous topic on The Tudors and another on the current British Royal Family to explore.

House of Normandy
The House of Normandy kings were named after the land in France of which they were Dukes. They...
House of Plantagenet
The name Plantagenet comes from the yellow flower 'planta genista' that Geoffrey of Anjou,...
House of Lancaster
The House of Lancaster claimed the throne through John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster the second son...
House of York
The House of York was descended from Edmund Duke of York, the third son of Edward III. When Henry...
House of Tudor
The House of Tudor ruled England from 1485-1603. The Tudors lasted only 3 generations yet their...
House of Stuart
The House of Stuart had ruled Scotland since 1371 but in 1603, on the death of Elizabeth I, James...
House of Hanover
The House of Hanover, also known as the Hanoverians, were a German royal dynasty. When Queen Anne,...
House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's beloved husband, was from the line of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha....
House of Windsor
The monarchy of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms has been called the House of Windsor...

More Kings and Queens

Around the World Kings and Queens Card Game
Learn the order of the Kings and Queens of England, starting with Edward IV, with our fun printable card game.
Around the World Kings and Queens

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