Leprechaun Hat


Kids can make this cute leprechaun hat for St Patrick's Day - it's a fun craft which they will enjoy wearing, too! Team it with our leprechaun beard if you like...

Leprechaun hat craft for kids

You will need:

Large sheet of green card (A1 size ideal)
Orange paper
Gold card
Sticky tape


Fold the green card in half lengthwise and cut along the fold.

Ask someone to bend the end of the pieces of card around your head and tape to secure.

Place your cylinder of card on the other piece and draw around the circular end (it won’t be a neat circle but don't worry, it doesn’t matter). Draw another circle around the outside of the first. Cut out the larger circle and then cut snips from the outside to the inside circle to make tabs. Fold in these tabs.

Carefully push the circle of card inside your cylinder so the tabs sit inside. Tape the tabs down. You now have a top to your hat.

To make the brim, again draw around the end of the cylinder on the remaining green card. Draw another circle around the outside (about 10cm larger). Cut out the larger circle. Draw a small circle in the centre and carefully cut this out. Cut snips from the centre to the pencil line to make tabs. Fold these upwards.

Turn your hat upside down and balance the brim on the open end so the tabs sit inside the hat. Tape the tabs down.

Cut a band of orange paper and glue around the hat. Carefully cut a buckle from gold card and glue this over the band.

Leprechaun hat and beard!

Leprechaun hat band detail
Leprechaun hat band detail


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