Make Your Own Olympic Medals


These pretty medals will take pride of place at your own Olympic Games - or perhaps you can make them with the kids to hand out as an "award" for extra special behavior.

Make Your Own Olympic Medals

You could of course print our medals but sometimes a "real" medal is needed! Why not make miniature versions for your Olympic mascots, too!

1. Clay medals

Make polymer clay medals by rolling out your clay to about 3 mm thick. Cut out circles with a small biscuit cutter and using the end of a paint brush or a plastic drinking straw make a small hole near the top. Decorate your medals with modelling tools or rubber stamps. Bake following the instructions on the clay.
When they are cool, paint and leave to dry. Thread ribbon through the holes so they can be worn.

2. Quick card medals

For really simple medals use a large circle craft punch to punch circles from gold, silver and bronze card. Use a smaller punch to make a hole in the top and thread your ribbon through.

3. Gold medal

olympics medal craft
Here's one more Olympic medal craft at Activity Village - and you won't believe the secret ingredient in this one!
Make an Olympic medal

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