Never Have I Ever


This is a well known game - and it can get a bit dangerous with older children! But it works well with children aged 7-10ish and it can be a fun way to break the ice. Keep a careful eye on it though, and only play if you are sure that the children will keep it under control.

Never Have I Ever

How to play:

Children sit around in a circle and put ten fingers out in front of them to keep score. One child stars by saying "Never have I ever...." and then stating something that he has never done. If any of the other children have done that particular thing, then they lose a life and must turn one finger under. Play continues until someone has lost 10 lives and is out.

It won't take long before children realise that the idea "never have I ever" is something that they haven't done but lots of other children have. For example, "never have I ever been on an airplane" or "never have I ever worn pink".


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