Paper Cup Matryoshka Dolls


All you need for this lovely Matryoshka doll craft is paper cups, glue stick, pens and patterned paper. It's therefore not too messy and can be enjoyed by a big group of children if you wish. And of course when you are done, you can stack your dolls!

Paper Cup Matryoshka Dolls

You will need:

Paper cups
Flesh coloured paper
Scrapbook or patterned paper


Cut circles from the flesh coloured paper for faces and decorate with the pens.

Cut shawls, bodies and tummy panels from the scrapbook paper. Have a look at our photos below for inspiration.

Glue these onto the cups to make a doll on each cup.

Paper cup Matryoshka dolls 2
For these dolls we've used one type of paper for the shawl piece and another for the dress.

Paper cup Matryoshka dolls 3
Such a pretty face! Here we have one piece of paper for shawl and dress, and another for her "apron".

Paper cup Matryoshka dolls 3
Stacking our Matryoshka dolls!



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