Pumpkin Bag


This cute little pumpkin bag is simply made with felt and ribbon, but it is good sewing practise for beginners. Use it for storing your Halloween treats or perhaps for giving a Halloween gift...

Pumpkin bag

You will need:

Orange felt
Black felt
Black embroidery thread
Green ribbon


Lay the pieces of orange felt on top of one another. Cut away two of the corners in a curve (see photo below for help with this).

Cut face pieces from black felt and sew them (or stick them) to one of orange pieces.

Use blanket stitch to sew the two pieces of orange felt together. Leave the straight edge open.

Pumpkin bag detail

About 1/2 inch in from the top of the bag carefully snip small vertical holes, leaving about 1inch between them, all the way around the bag.

Starting in the front of the face thread the ribbon through the slits (a darning needle to push the ends through will help).

Pulling and tying the ribbon as a drawstring will make the pumpkin round.


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