Shadow Bluff


This game takes a little effort to set up, but the kids will have a lot of fun with it. It is obviously better on a dark evening! It could be a good game to play at a Halloween party, especially if the children are wearing spooky costumes.

Shadow Bluff game instructions

Age: 8+


String a white sheet up in a doorway, or otherwise suspend it so that it provides a screen. Place a strong lamp behind it at some distance, so that anyone walking between the lamp and the sheet casts a shadow.

How to play:

Choose one child to be "it". He sits on the floor in front of the light facing the sheet, but he must be so low down that his shadow will not appear on the sheet.

The other children form a line behind him, and march single file between the light and "it", who is not allowed to turn around. Their shadows will be thrown onto the sheet and, as they pass, the child who is "it" must guess who they are. The children should disguise their walk and height as much as possible!

As soon as a correct guess is made, the children swap over and the game begins again.


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