Simple Paper Dolls


Meet Eddie and Amy, Winston and Lily, Brandon and Brianna, our free paper dolls to print out and play with! The dolls have a huge range of outfits and accessories to choose from - all you will need is a printer and a pair of scissors! Kids can glue on their chosen outfits, or you can use small pieces of sticky-tack if you would prefer a less permanent arrangement. You could even print the paper dolls onto magnetic or felt printer paper and use them on a cookie sheet or felt board (excellent for car journeys).

Our full range of clothes and accessories for these paper dolls, including holiday costumes and dressing up clothes, are here:
Paper dolls clothes and accessories

More Paper Dolls!

Princess paper dolls
Princess paper dolls (and their beautiful wardrobes!) in colour and black and white.
Princess Paper Dolls

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