United Kingdom Flag Printables

Whenever there is a patriotic event, you are studying the country, or you want to decorate in red, white and blue, you'll want to have lots of Union Flags on hand! We've got all sorts of printables and flag fun below.

The Union Flag was formed with the union of England, Scotland and Ireland. The flag is more often (incorrectly) referred to as the Union Jack - but it is only the Union Jack when it is flown from a ship!

United Kingdom Flag

Patriotic Scrapbook Paper 1

Patriotic Scrapbook Paper 1

This lovely scrapbook paper is useful for patriotic displays, London topics, anything to do with the UK or the royal family - or for little boys who like London buses and Guards and flags!

Union Flag Tracing

Union Flag Tracing

Younger children can trace over the lines of the Union Flag (better known as the Union Jack) before colouring it in.

Union Jack colouring page

United Kingdom Flag Colouring Page

Here's a high quality colouring page of the UK's national flag, the Union Flag (more commonly known as the Union Jack). Colour it in traditional (and correct) red white and blue, or go mad with other colours!

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