Year of the Pig

What kind of person is the person born into Year of the Pig? Find out below, and enjoy our Year of the Pig printables, too.

Year of the Pig Dates

  • 4th February 1935 - 23rd January 1936
  • 1st January 1947 - 9th February 1948
  • 8th February 1959 - 27th January 1960
  • 27th January 1971 - 24th February 1972
  • 13th February 1983 - 1st February 1984
  • 31st January 1995 - 18th February 1996
  • 18th February 2007 - 6th February 2008

Next Year of the Pig

5th February 2019 - 24th January 2020

Pig Characteristics

The person born into the Year of the Pig is noble and chivalrous, honest and helpful. They are someone you will definitely appreciate by your side when you are in a pickle! Do you have a problem? The pig is happy to try to help you solve it. They will also forgive you if you do them wrong - but only up to a certain point, so don't abuse their trust. A pig doesn't like to get into an argument, but he or she can have a quick temper.

Pig Characteristics Poster

Pig Characteristics Poster

Our Year of the Pig poster shows the characteristics of people born in the Year of the Pig - which are that they tend to be honest, sincere, chivalrous, forgiving, helpful and noble.

Pig Grid Copy

Pig Grid Copy

See if the kids can copy our simple picture of a pig, using the grid to help them. Careful drawing and concentration required!

Year of the Pig Bookmark

Year of the Pig Bookmark

Do you have a pig in your house or your classroom? Then print out these fun bookmarks (five to a page) and distribute. Will they share the typical characteristics of someone born in Year of the Pig?

More Pig Fun for Kids

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