3D Christmas Tree Card 2


We've used two different papers (one plain, one patterned) and a simple Christmas tree template to make this stunning card. Fold it to put it into an envelope, so that the recipient can make it "pop up"!

3D Christmas Tree Card

You will need:


Fold a piece of white A4 card in half to form the base of the card.

Select your Christmas tree template and cut out a tree in green paper and a tree in a different colour (we used one of the scrapbook pages for this).

Now fold both of your tree templates in half.

You need to glue the 2nd half of your first tree to the 1st half of your second tree (in our example the patterned tree was our 1st tree and the green tree was the 2nd tree). Now you need to attach the tree to your card. Glue the first half of the patterned tree to your card and then glue the 2nd half of your green tree to your card. You will now have a 3D tree!

We also added some gold star stickers just for fun.

Our finished 3D Christmas tree card
Our finished 3D Christmas tree card


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