Chinese Slat Book

The slat book was the first kind of Chinese book, make from slats of wood or bamboo and cord. This type of book is the reason that Chinese writing is done from top to bottom, rather than from left to right like Western writing. The books were rolled up and easily for storage.

Chinese slat book craft

You will need:

5 or 6 popsicle sticks
Black permanent marker


On one stick write Chinese vocabulary with the black pen. On the rest of the sticks draw 3 or 4 Chinese calligraphy characters. You can use our calligraphy cards for inspiration.

Cut a length of string and tie to the first stick. Wrap the string around the second then the third and so on. Tie the string securely to the last stick and trim off any excess. Repeat with a second piece of string. It can be a bit fiddly so an adult to help is a good idea.

Your book can then be folded up to store or opened out to read.

Chinese slat book

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