Christmas Alphabet Challenge


Our Christmas Alphabet Challenge is very versatile. It works equally well as a puzzle or a game, for an individual or a whole class. Scroll down for our printable score sheet.

As a puzzle just for one:

Challenge yourself to find a Christmas word for each letter

As a classroom or group challenge:

Try to find a Christmas word for each letter. Award a small prize or reward for the person who finds the most

As a game with scoring:

Set a time limit (say 5 minutes) and ask everyone to fill in as many Christmas words as they can. For each correct word, score 1 point. For each correct word which no-one else has, score 2 points. For each correct word when no-one else has any word for that particular letter, score 3 points.

As a team challenge:

Put contestants into teams of 3 or 4. If playing with family, mixed age teams are better. Fill in as many words as you can within a time limit (say 5 minutes). Go through the alphabet calling out each team's answer. Only score a point if no-one else has called out the same word.

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Christmas alphabet challenge


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