Count Down Wheel

We've made this count down wheel craft for Advent but of course you could adapt it for any important occasion. Use up lots of crafty bits and pieces to decorate it, or use a white paper plate and let the kids decorate with paint or colouring pencils before adding the numbers.

Count Down Wheel

You will need:

Paper plate
Sticky numbers and letters
Christmas stickers
Paper fastener


Use the sticky numbers to add the numbers 24-1 around the outside of the plate. If you are adapting this to use with another count-down, start with the highest number at the top of the wheel.

Using sticky letters, stencilling or your own writing, add the message "Days until Christmas" to the plate.

Cut out an arrow from card.  Attach the arrow to the middle of the plate with a paper fastener.

Decorate with stickers or however you want!

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