Daffodil Peg Fridge Magnet


These daffodil peg fridge magnets are perfect for a spring, St David's Day or Mother's Day craft, and make lovely handmade gifts for the kids to make.

Daffodil Peg Fridge Magnet

You will need:

  • A plain wooden peg
  • 5 yellow pipe cleaners
  • 1 orange pipe cleaner
  • Self-adhesive magnetic tape
  • A photo
  • Coloured Card
  • Glue


Make your daffodil. Curl up a yellow pipe cleaner like a snail to make a petal. Do this with all five pipe cleaners. Use the end of each pipe cleaner to secure them all together. Wrap the orange pipe cleaner around your little finger to make a tube. Tuck in one end of the pipe cleaner so it doesn't stick out. Secure the tube to the petals using the other end.

Colour in your wooden peg. Stick the daffodil to the peg. Stick some magnetic tape to the back of the peg.

Glue your picture onto a piece of card. You can cut it into any shape.

Clip the picture into the peg and put it on the fridge.


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