Dreidel Photo Frame


This Dreidel Photo Frame craft for Hanukkah is a cute way to remember your children for the holiday, or a quick gift that the kids can make themselves for grandparents and other family.

Dreidel photo frame - Jack and Sam enjoying a story

You will need:

White craft foam
Blue craft foam (ideally sticky backed – but you can use glue instead)
Foam letters


Cut a dreidel shape from the white foam. Now cut a rectangle from the blue foam that will fit onto the dreidel. Cut out the middle so you are left with a frame.

Stick the frame to the photo and cut of the excess. Glue to the dreidel.

Add foam letters to spell out "Hanukkah" or any message you like.

Either pin up the frame or make a hole in the top and thread through some ribbon to hang.


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