Heart Man

This little heart man is a super quick craft for kids at Valentine's Day - fun as a magnet for the fridge, a badge, the front of a card, a key ring - or just to give as he is.

Heart Man Craft

You will need:

Craft foam hearts
Pipe cleaner (chenille stem)
Wiggle eyes
Fabric paint


Use a large craft foam heart as the face/body. Glue on wiggle eyes and a small heart as a nose. Use fabric paint to add a mouth.

Cut the pipe cleaner into two and glue the two halves onto the centre to the back of the face/body so one half forms the arms and the other the legs. Glue small hearts to the ends of the chenille stems as the hands and feet.

Leave your man to dry.

Why not glue him to your pencil, or add a magnet or even make a hole in the top and make him into a key ring?

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