Heart Plaque Necklace


This pretty necklace, with a heart plaque made from polymer clay, would be a fun craft activity for Valentines Day, Mother's Day - or anytime! We made it in pink, but of course red would look stunning, too.

Heart Plaque Necklace

You will need:

Polymer clay
Three shades of thin ribbon
Cookie cutter (optional)


Roll out your clay and cut out a heart shape using a cookie cutter, or free hand.

Decorate your heart with other colours of clay, and/or making patterns with modelling tools.

Heart plaque close-up
Here is a close-up photo of our heart plaque

Make a hole through the top with a toothpick, wriggling around to get a big enough hole. Bake according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Group you ribbons together, and tie into a knot Plait (braid) the ribbons, then thread on the polymer heart.

Tie the end of your ribbons into a knot.


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