Independence Day Sun Visor


The kids will enjoy making this perfect accessory for your Fourth of July picnic. Hopefully the sun will come out on the day!

fourth of july sun visor

You will need:

Blue card
White card
Red paint
Small star craft punch or white paint
Sticky tape
Glue stick

Cut a strip of blue card 1.5inches (3cm) wide and long enough to fit around your head. Measure it around your head and tape to secure. Punch some stars out of white card and glue them along the band. Alternatively paint on some stars with white paint.

From the white card, cut a rectangle approximately 8 by 6 inches (20 by 15 cm). Cut the corners at one end into curves. This is the front of your visor. Paint red stripes along the card.

To fit the visor to the band, put the band on top of the visor where you want it go and mark itÂ’s position (see photo below).

fourth of july visor instrucitons 1

Now, from the back of the visor, cut slits up to the line to make tabs, as shown:

fourth of july visor instructions 2

Put the band back on the line and fold the tabs to the inside. Trim any of the tabs that stick out. Glue securely, and wait until the glue dries before you wear your creation!


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