Love Bracelets


Quick and simple to make, these little Love Bracelets make great Valentine's Day gifts for friends, family and sweethearts!

Love Bracelets Valentines craft

You will need:

Craft foam (in pink, purple or red)
Hook and eye fasteners
Foam stickers (hearts, flowers and letters) or other embellishments


Cut a rectangle of craft foam 1 inch wide and long enough to go around your wrist with an inch to spare. If you like you can cut the edges of the rectangle into a pattern.

Stick the eye fastening to one end of the front of the bracelet, and stick the hook fastening to the back of the bracelet at the other end.

Decorate with the foam stickers or other embellishments.


Leave the hook and eye fastener off and give them as a valentine bookmark!

Valentine bracelet


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