Lovebug Lollipop

This lovebug lollipop is a perfect little Valentine gift for children to give to classmates or friends on Valentine's Day.

Lovebug lollipo craft for children

You will need:

2 large craft foam hearts
2 small craft foam hearts
Chenille stem
2 tiny craft foam hearts or sequins
2 small wiggle eyes
Double-sided sticky tape


Stick the 2 small craft foam hearts to the centre of each large heart, then stick the two large hearts together so the points overlap.

Use a piece of double sided sticky tape to stick the lollipop to the join of the two large hearts.

Cut a small piece of chenille stem, fold in half and attach at the fold to the lollipop with a small piece of double sided tape. Stick a tiny heart or sequin to each end of the chenille stem.

Stick the two wiggle eyes to the lollipop.

Lovebug lollipop detail

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