Make A Hoplite Shield


Ancient Greek soldiers were also known as Hoplites. They carried a large shield often made of wood. These were painted by the individual soldiers to their own design. Our hoplite shield below is made out of a paper plate and some imagination! We have an alternative Greek shield craft, possibly for older children, here.

Jack's hoplite shield

To make your own hoplite shield you will need:

Paper plate
Used teabag (optional)
Black paint/pens
Strip of card
Sticky tape

To make your shield look like it is made of wood rub a cold wet teabag over the back of the plate. Leave the plate to dry.

Now you can draw or paint on any pattern of your choice. Perhaps you could do a Google or Bing search for images of original hoplite shields?

To make a handle for the shield, tape the two ends of the card to the back of the shield making a loop to slide your hand through.

hoplite shield craft


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