Make A Medusa Wig


In Greek mythology Medusa was a Gorgon who had snakes for hair. Looking into her eyes would turn a person into stone. Here is how to make your own head of snakes (although we can’t guarantee you will be able to turn anyone into stone!) We also have a Medusa headband craft, suitable for younger children.

Medusa wig craft

Medusa Wig Instructions

You will need:

A3 Construction paper
Pink paper
Shower cap
Glue stick
Black pen
White glue (PVA glue)

Cut the construction paper into strips about 1inch wide. Glue two different colour strips together at right angles.

Medusa wig instructions 1

Fold one strip over the other.

Medusa wig instructions 2

Repeat with the other strip.

Medusa wig instructions 3

Continue until you reach the end of the strips. Glue the ends together and trim off any excess.

Medusa wig instructions 4

You now have a snake. To make the tongue take a piece of pink paper about 1 ½ inches by ¼ inch wide. Cut a V out of one end to make the fork. At the other end fold about ½ inch at the end to make a tab. Use this tab to glue the tongue to the snake and draw on the eyes.

Medusa wig instructions 5

Make as many snakes as you need to cover your shower cap (we needed about 15).

Cover your shower cap in white glue and then stick on all the snakes. Leave to dry.

Jack wears Medusa wig


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