Mardi Gras Masks


Masks are what Mardi Gras parades are all about, and if you are going to have your own Mardi Gras celebration at home you will need to give the kids free reign in designing their own!

Mardi Gras masks to make

You will need:

Coloured (preferably purple, gold or green) card, or white card and a selection of paints and crayons to add colour
Sequins, beads, ribbons, glitter, feathers etc to decorate
A hole punch
Elastic or string for fastening


Cut out a basic mask shape for each child. Draw your own, or use our mask templates. You will see that we have used some of our templates to make the masks in the photo above.

Using the hole punch, punch two holes at each end and cut string or elastic to fit.

Encourage each child to decorate their masks to be really "over the top" and fancy!


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