Masquerade Mask


This Masquerade Mask is fun for kids to make for Mardi Gras or a "masked ball" themed party! It is quick and simple to make, but very effective.

Masquerade Mask

First, cut your mask shape out of scrap cardboard. You can use our mask templates if you like. Cut the same shape out of coloured card, fabric, foam or felt and set aside.

Apply white glue to the front of the scrap card, and add a row of pretty coloured feathers along the top of the mask. Glue a lolly stick (popsicle stick) at one side, as shown in the photo.

Now put some more glue on top of the lolly stick, and press the fabric shape on top so that the lolly stick and feathers are sandwiched between the two layers. Leave to dry.

Decorate the front of the mask with sequins, beads or glitter.


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