Origami Angel Fish


This is the simplest of all origami fish - using just two folds - but it is very effective, especially if you make a few! The position of the folds can be a little confusing, but once you have the hang of it you will find the fish very easy and quick to make.

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Origami Angel Fish

Ideas for using your origami fish:

  • Why not create your own aquarium? Use a large piece of blue paper or card as the background, and decorate it by cutting out weeds from green paper and rocks from grey paper. You could stick sand or even small pebbles along the bottom using white glue, perhaps mixing in some glitter for effect. As you fold your fish, add them to the aquarium! Or you could make your aquarium 3D by using a large box and painting the inside blue (or lining it with blue paper). Hang your fish on threads from the "ceiling" of the box.
  • Use the fish to decorate greeting cards, or stick to strips of card to make bookmarks.
  • Make a mobile, by attaching transparent of white thread to your models and hanging them from a wire coat-hanger or two pieces of wood tied into a cross shape. Vary the length of the threads for good effect.
  • Make puppets by taping the fish to wooden spoons, chop sticks or lolly sticks.
  • Make them tiny and use as pencil toppers.
  • Decorate a notice-board
  • Stick a small magnet to the back of the models and turn them into fridge magnets
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Origami angel fish instructions


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