Paper Cup Chinese Dragon Puppet


Here's a spectacular Chinese dragon puppet craft for Year of the Dragon and Chinese New Year. The dragon's face is made from a paper cup and although he looks complicated, even the youngest children will manage a beautiful dragon with this craft.

Paper cup Chinese dragon puppet craft

You will need:

2 Paper cups
Wiggle eyes
Decorative paper and card
Tissue paper
Sticky tape
String or wool (yarn)


Paint the cups and leave them to dry.

Make a hole in the side of each cup and thread through a length of string, tying a knot to hold it in place.

Cut some yellow tissue paper to be flames and glue to the bottom of one cup. This is the mouth..

Make sure the string is coming out of the top of the head and then cut strips of tissue paper and glue them to the cheeks and chin.

Cut horns, a nose and spikes from decorative card or paper and glue these to your mask.

Stick on two wiggle eyes.

To make the tail cut an arrow shape from card, with a large triangle and small rectangle (see photo below). Fold the rectangle over and stick to the bottom of the undecorated cup

Paper cup Chinese dragon puppet - tail detail

To make the body, cut a length of sticky tape and lay it on the table sticky side up. Stick strips of tissue paper across the tape all along the length leaving space at either ends to stick the cups.

Paper cup Chinese dragon, body detail

Stick one end of the tape to each cup.

Paper cup Chinese dragon puppet craft, detail showing dragon body

By holding the string you can make the dragon dance!


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