Chinese New Year Crafts

Celebrate the Lunary New Year with these quick and easy Chinese New Year crafts for kids, which we think emphasise the colour and excitement and exuberance of the Spring Festival! We've got lantern crafts for the Lantern Festival, lots of Chinese blossom ideas for Spring, some wonderful Chinese dragons, home made (pretend) firecrackers and drums and kites and red envelopes and lots more for you to explore by clicking through to the pages below.

NB You can find more China-inspired crafts on our China Crafts pages.

Chinese Blossom Crafts
Blossom trees are much prized in both China and Japan and linked closely with spring festivals....
Chinese Dragon Crafts
Our Chinese Dragon crafts are not just for the Year of the Dragon. Most are quick and easy to do -...
Chinese New Year Origami
Try some of our Chinese New Year origami models and use them to decorate greetings cards, the...
Chinese Lantern Crafts
The 15th and final day of Chinese New Year celebrations is the Lantern Festival. Traditionally...
More Chinese New Year Crafts
We have a large collection of Chinese New Year Crafts here, red envelopes, kites, goldfish, bowls...

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China Crafts
China Crafts


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Chinese New Year Printables
Chinese New Year Printables

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