Styracosaurus Mask


Make this wonderful styracosaurus mask with paper plates and paints and your child can be transformed into a fierce dinosaur!

Styracosaurus mask - complete
Our styracosaurus mask - complete

You will need:

Large paper plate
Small paper plate
Green paint
Red paint (or and other brigh colour)
Blue paper (or any othe bright colour)
Black pen


Paint the front of the large paper plate in red and the back of the small plate in green. Leave to dry.

Stick the small paper plate to the large one, sitting off centre so the larger plate forms a "frill".

Cut two eye holes through the mask – it is difficult to cut through the two layers so ask an adult to help.

Cut a horn from paper and glue to the middle of the face. Cut lots of small spikes and glue around the edge of the large plate. See our photos for guidance.

Draw details of the face on with the pen.

Finally, make a hole on each side of the mask to tie some elastic through.

Styracosaurus mask - detail
Styracosaurus mask - detail


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