Winter Spiral


This laminated spiral looks pretty catching the light and the breeze in a window. If you use two pieces of clear contact paper you can probably get away with using more sequins and glitter!

Winter Spiral

You will need:

Laminating sheet and laminator, or two sheets of clear contact paper (sticky back plastic)

Instructions with a laminator:

  • Draw a spiral shape onto the laminating sheet. Open up the sheet and arrange a few small sequins so that they sit within the lines of the spiral.

Sam sprinkling on some glitter
Sam sprinkling on some glitter

  • Scatter over some glitter - but be careful not to add too much, or the laminating sheets won't stick together.
  • Run through the laminator. When cool, cut the original spiral shape out carefully.

Winter spiral, cut out and ready to hang
Winter spiral, cut out and ready to hang

  • Punch a hole in the centre and use thread to hang up your spiral.

Instructions with contact paper:

  • Draw a spiral shape on a piece of scrap paper, making sure it is smaller than your contact paper.
  • Remove the protective film from one piece of clear contact paper and lay it sticky-side up on top of the spiral shape.
  • Arrange a few pretty sequins within the spiral shape (making sure they don't cover any of the lines) and then sprinkle with glitter.
  • Remove the protective film from the second piece of contact paper and carefully lay it stick-side down over the first, sandwiching the sequins and glitter between the two. Make sure that the pieces have stuck very well, paying particular attention to the lines of the spiral.
  • Cut through both sheets of film and your scrap paper along the spiral lines.
  • Punch a hole at the centre of the spiral and hang up.


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