Word Star Puzzles

NEW! Word star puzzles are a form of anagram challenge with a difference. If you solve them correctly, you'll draw a star in the middle of the circle - very satisfying! Of course that makes the puzzles especially suitable for children, as, once they've found whether the puzzle starts, will have a hint of which letter comes next. It's finding where the puzzle starts that's tricky! You can scroll down to see an example.

Our Word Star Puzzles

African Animals Word Star Puzzles

African Animals Word Star Puzzles

Puzzle your way through 16 word star puzzles hiding African animals! Unjumble the letters and then join them across the cirle to form a star shape in the middle. The trick is finding the first letter and working out how the star will take shape!

Valentine's Day Word Star Puzzles

Valentine's Day Word Star Puzzles

A new kind of puzzle for Valentine's Day! There are 16 puzzles included in this pack, all themed with Valentine words of varying difficulty. Choose to print 1 per page (better for younger children or tackling on the white board) or 4 per page.

Solving a Word Star Puzzle

Here's an example puzzle, which hides a 5 letter word. The star inside the word will have 5 points.

Word star puzzle eg 1

And here's the solution:

Word Star puzzle example solution

As you can see, if you can find the starting letter - "a" - then as you join the letters together correctly to form the word "angel" you draw a star in the middle of the circle.

Some of the words have more than 5 letters, and form stars with more points!

More Puzzles for Kids

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More Word Puzzles

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