Year of the Tiger

If you have a tiger in the family, you probably know about it! Find out what to expect from those born in this year, and enjoy our printables...

Year of the Tiger Dates

  • 31st January 1938 – 18th February 1939
  • 17th February 1950 – 5th February 1951
  • 5th February 1962 – 24th January 1963
  • 23th January 1974 – 10th February 1975
  • 9th February 1986 – 28th January 1987
  • 28th January 1998 – 15th February 1999
  • 14th February 2010 – 2nd February 2011

Next Year of the Tiger

1st February 2022 - 21st January 2023

Tiger Characteristics

Tigers are daring and brave, and will fight any battle that they believe in, leading others along with them with their powerful personalities and forceful sense of purpose. Despite that, they can be sensitive and emotional and are easily hurt, especially if they feel that their friends or family have let them down. The tiger likes a challenge, and also likes to attack something new every so often - in fact they can be a little flighty at times! Tigers have a very strong sense of injustice and will speak out if they think something is unfair.

Tiger Characteristics Poster

Tiger Characteristics Poster

This Year of the tiger poster shows that Tiger-born people are sensitive, daring, powerful, sympathetic, brave and emotional.

Tiger Tracing Worksheet

Tiger Word Tracing

Use this tiger tracing worksheet to practise letter formation and then colour it in! The tiger is also one of the Chinese zodiac symbols so this would be a great activity at Chinese new year time.

Year of the Tiger Bookmark

Year of the Tiger Bookmark

Print out this fun set of bookmarks featuring the characteristics of people born in the Year of the Tiger. Fun for a classroom handout or party.

Year of the Tiger colouring card

Year of the Tiger Colouring Card

Just print and fold this Year of the Tiger colouring card, then colour in with cheerful and appropriate colours for Chinese New Year. It will next be Year of the Tiger in 2022.

Year of the Tiger colouring page

Year of the Tiger Colouring Page

It won't be the Chinese Year of the Tiger again until 2024, but when it is you will be able to enjoy this lovely Year of the Tiger colouring page, also available as a colouring card.

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